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Unfair competition

Unfair competition is an excess of commercial practice with the aim of destabilizing a competitor; it is a civil fault which is specified in article 1382 of the civil code with 5 main areas: fault (recklessness or denigration), denigration (discredit a person or company), disorganization (poaching of customers, embezzlement of customers, disclosure of secrets), parasitism (behavior towards a person to benefit from their knowledge or know-how) and the confusion (use of a similar distinctive sign).

The company must provide proof of three elements: the fault, the damage and the causal link between the fault and the damage in order to stop this unfair competition. We can help you

Pre-employment survey

Pre-employment surveys are frequent and allow the employer to avoid making mistakes during the recruitment process. These investigations are delicate because they must comply with certain obligations.

A pre-employment investigation consists of obtaining additional information or verifications on the candidate's professional past to confirm or refute the accuracy of the curriculum vitae and the training followed by the candidate.

A candidate's lies are punishable by the Labor Code.

IT activities

Proof has become dematerialized with the development of new technologies. Expert in investigation and evidence collection, ABAC Détective has broadened its field of expertise and has enlisted the collaboration of IT experts to best serve the interests of its clients.

Proving the presence of computer files despite their deletion by the user, reading, copying and extracting these same files even though they have been re-encoded, or tracing the trace of computer hacking, all these actions are part of the new problems facing us. confronted private investigators in their investigations.

Close protection

Your business trip is planned but you think your security is threatened. We put all our know-how at your disposal, to provide you with a high-quality protection service.

Our close protection agents, more commonly called “bodyguards”, aim to ensure the safety of the protected person(s).

We also ensure transport protection for your expensive and sensitive goods. Our methodology will allow you to save precious time, considerable financial resources but also to be able to respect deadlines and the quality of your work.